Elsa Group is a leading company in the eld of processing of granite and marble in the region. This enterprise today deals with the construction of low building throughout Kosovo and the high construction of commercial–residential complex “Fidanishte” in Peja City. Elsa Enterprise Group is the only one in the region for the cutting and processing of all types of granite.The company was founded in 1991 in a difcult period for businesses in Kosovo as a result of political and economic situation. In 1999 this company is destroyed and was out of work completely but the owner rebuild it in the same year and start working with a small labor force and an outdated technology.


In 2007 the Company Elsa was renamed in Elsa Group and it was expanded in assets, increased business activities and start production in three locations: Village “Treboviq” Peje, village “Ramun“ highway Peje-Prishtine and in village “Miradi” in Prishtina. The company also increased the number of employees from 20 to 70 and works with the most advanced technology, all of this comes as a result of success in the job.